Expert Implementation from a Proven Team

Our team of seasoned consultants can help optimize your Salesforce solution and ensure it delivers the greatest possible value to your organization

Skience Consulting helps clients transform their businesses using cloud-based technology. Our team offers proven expertise in current best practices, up-to-date technology standards, and forward-facing trends. We create cost-effective cloud strategies that enable our clients to flourish. Skience initiated a successful working relationship with Salesforce in 2010, and over the past ten years, we have established a reputation as a trusted partner. In fact, our CEO and product development team collaborated with Salesforce during the development of their Financial Services Cloud® platform. And we continue to work together to innovate new solutions for the benefit of the financial services organizations we serve.

Skience Consulting works with a wide range of financial services firms to engineer and implement digital-first, cloud-based Salesforce solutions that eliminate technology silos, and improve data connectivity, transparency, and productivity. Our financial services expertise is second to none, and built on two decades of experience helping firms successfully transition cumbersome and time-consuming manual business processes to streamlined digital experiences. We stay well-informed about regulatory matters and technology trends in the industry, so our cloud technology and Salesforce consulting services are built on a strong framework of knowledge, best practices, and proven solutions.

Skience Consulting has a deep level of expertise in implementing Salesforce and customized technology solutions for the wealth management industry—including our own proprietary platform. We work with the country’s largest and most sophisticated broker-dealer and registered independent advisory firms to implement the Salesforce and data aggregation solutions they need to run their businesses efficiently, continuously grow and scale their teams and offerings, with a keen focus on delivering an exceptional client experience.

Skience Consulting helps banks with the application of technology to improve connectivity and integration between systems, channels, processes and teams resulting in increased productivity and wallet share with clients. Our Salesforce-based solutions drive transparency and collaboration across all lines of business. We focus on enhancing operational productivity while delivering an elevated digital experience for bank customers.

Insurance firms face the special challenge of transforming complex legacy systems and linking them to modern, cloud-based solutions. Skience Consulting works with insurance companies to implement the Salesforce solutions needed to increase client responsiveness, streamline claims management, and automate processes (such as cyclical policy renewals), for better organizational efficiency and improved profitability.

Skience Consulting implements a digital-first mortgage experience that dramatically accelerates loan cycles by connecting borrowers, real estate agents, and brokers using the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud platform. Salesforce’s robust mortgage solutions provide firms with greater transparency, operational efficiency, and a truly streamlined process for borrowers—reducing a month-long lending process to a week.

Skience Consulting works with asset management firms to enhance the customer experience, automate time-consuming business processes, and improve overall operational efficiency for both the institutional and retail sides of a firm. On the institutional side, firms have an obligation to deliver information and education to their clients on a regular basis. Skience automates the delivery of routine communications and offers customized workflows designed to streamline back-office operations and improve responsiveness to investor requests. On the wholesale/retail side of the business, Skience can implement robust Salesforce solutions for improved marketing, event management, and interaction with sales reps.


Leverage our knowledge of industry trends and technology best practices to create an on-target, on-time Salesforce solution tailored to your unique business needs.

Salesforce Financial Services
Cloud Implementation

Make a seamless transition to the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with help from our team of certified FSC experts, offering unparalleled expertise in managing implementations for financial services, wealth management, and insurance.

Mergers and

Whether you are spinning off a business unit or looking to merge CRM systems after an acquisition, our consulting team can help you plan and execute a smooth transition.


Looking to upgrade a highly customized CRM system to the Salesforce Lightning platform? Skience brings unparalleled expertise to the table—acting as your strategic partner to complete your business initiatives within a realistic timeline.

Marketing Cloud

Skience assists in creating meaningful customer interactions with a multi-channel approach. From marketing to customer retention, we provide industry insights and creative solutions to personalize your customers’ experiences.

Service Cloud

Drive better customer experiences and build loyalty with a platform that records, tracks, and resolves customer issues at scale across sales, service, and back office support.


It’s even faster and easier to implement our Skience wealth management platform when you call on the expertise of our seasoned implementation professionals.


Enjoy an extra layer of ongoing technical and implementation support for our platform, plus additional enhancements and upgrades.

Digital & Salesforce

Create a roadmap to elevate your organization’s CRM maturity. We analyze your current processes, technology, tools, and user needs, then help you define a strategy that enables your organization to thrive.

Business Process

Leverage our insights into the latest trends and products to ensure that your Salesforce solutions stay in step with changing business needs and new technology options.


Rely on our firsthand industry knowledge to help you assemble a seamless, end-to-end solution from best-in-breed products, without unnecessary custom development.

Skience provides sophisticated data solutions that streamline the transfer of information from one system to another through a combination of technical expertise, business acumen, and thought leadership. Our solutions address the full lifecycle of data governance/quality, data integration (ETL, API) and business intelligence.

We also help our clients transform their current data infrastructure by leveraging new technologies utilized in leading-edge cloud platforms (including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), and create data assets/solutions that are purpose built to provide optimum return on investment.

Skience is a certified partner to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, the world’s #1 integration and API platform. Anypoint Platform unlocks the power of API-led connectivity, enabling organizations to connect data from any system, to deliver truly connected customer experiences. Our implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with MuleSoft’s technology, gives clients the support and tools they need to unlock and unify data from the rapidly growing number of apps and systems. With Anypoint Platform, organizations can realize speed, agility and innovation at scale.

Why Skience?

Financial Services

Services Expertise

Two decades of experience working with financial services firms. We understand the unique regulatory challenges financial firms have to address as they go through various digital transformation initiatives, and can offer valuable insights and guidance as to best practices in the complex and quickly evolving financial services marketplace.

Centers of Excellence

of Excellence

Deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, with distinct specializations in all of the different Salesforce cloud products (Sales, Service, Marketing and FSC), as well as a certified Mulesoft team that helps clients solve their integration challenges. We are able to apply business-specific technology solutions to best fit the unique needs of our clients.

Agile Development


A proven transformation process that takes a project logically from assessment and planning to configuration, training and adoption. We use scrum-based agile development to compress development timelines and accelerate progress in order to deliver the highest level of business value in the shortest amount of time.

Demonstrated Success


Some of the largest organizations in the world have trusted our services with a more than 15 year track record of success.

Serving Markets

We have created successful solutions in the US, Canada and multiple countries in Europe, spanning a wide spectrum of technology platforms.


With customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our scalable services have grown organically and exponentially for nearly 20 years.

Our growth is based on referrals from clients and partners. That says something about us and the relationships we build.
They are strong, secure and long-lasting – just like the solutions we develop.